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The raw celestite is mainly from Madagascar. All of Yinglai celestite crystals are real natural stone, you can feel free to buy them with confidence.

Like a dreamy and serene light blue river flowing slowly in the heaven, celestite,  coming from the Latin word for heavenly, is an adult lullaby which brings you calming and peaceful vibrations. Its soothing energy enters into your eyes and then goes deep into your soul, making you soak entirely in its tender and refreshing aura.
Celestite carries an angelic quality of energy. The most popular association of celestite is with its ability to help one communicate with angels, to receive reassurance and emotional support in difficult times. Celestite also helps to promote clear and healing dreams, as well as keep nightmares at bay. With consistent use, celestite offers a deep trust in a loving higher power that grants meaning and purpose to one's life. With such a heavenly companion as celestite, one is sure to slowly, but surely strengthen the energy of self-confidence, self-esteem, and an overall love of life and optimism. 
The energy of celestite is like a healing balm that is gently uplifting and nourishing. Celestite is an excellent gem for artists, musicians, designers and all who need to stimulate creativity and expand their ideas. It is important to those in visionary businesses, such as a New Age store, metaphysical services, or any spiritual related business to be prosperous and present while still maintaining one’s ethics and connection to the spiritual world.

Buy raw celestite and polised celestite crystals at very competitive price from this online store, and you will have a great online shopping experience with us. If you want to buy celestite crystals in bulk, please don't hesitate to contact us directly, and we have a big discount for you.

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