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The raw citrine is mainly from Brazil. All of Yinglai citrine crystals are real natural stone, you can feel free to buy them with confidence.

A powerful stone of abundance, citrine is an extraordinary crystal that brings a flow of wealth, prosperity and happiness to your life in all positive ways. Carrying the power of the Sun, citrine transmutes, dissipates, and grounds all passive energy into positive ones, just like the almighty sun clears the miasma of bad influence and imbues warmth, liveliness, and freshness into the world. It has such powerful protective energy that it is one of only a few crystals on Earth that never needs to be cleared or cleansed.

Called The Merchant's Stone for its properties of attracting wealth and prosperity, citrine not only assists in acquiring wealth but also helps in maintaining it. Citrine also assists in all fast money ventures and is especially helpful in financial speculation and for commercial success. Carry one in the purse or wallet to attract money and stop excessive outflow.

Emotionally, citrine opens the higher mind to accept joy in one's life, releasing anger and negative feelings, deep-seated fears and destructive tendencies. An excellent crystal for overcoming depression, Citrine reduces the sensitivity to criticism and inspires creativity and self-expression. Natural citrine is an excellent crystal for those who are overly sensitive and extremely vulnerable to outside energy and influences.

Physically, natural citrine is thought to enhance physical stamina and energy, support the endocrine system, and encourages proper metabolism. It also helps keep skin, nails, and hair healthy, and is good for relieving skin irritations and allergies.

Buy raw citrine and polished citrine crystals at very competitive price from this online store, and you will have a great online shopping experience with us. If you want to buy citrine crystals in bulk, please don't hesitate to contact us directly, and we have a big discount for you.

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