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The raw lepidolite is mainly from Africa and America. All of Yinglai lepidolite crystals are real natural stone, you can feel free to buy them with confidence.

Lepidolite is called " Mica " as well, lepidolite can stimulate your primary charkas, such as heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown. It works like a slow and serene river, it encourages you to be more in the flow of life while at the same time keeps an open mind to embrace new possibilities. It gently releases your old messy psychological patterns, instead of inducing new slow changes to your mindset. It helps you find the balance and emotional regulation to be able to tune in to what your desires guide you while supporting resilience to face the reality and helps you keep focusing on the true value of idleness, which all aid you to feel more settled and serene about life.

The quiet contentment offered by lepidolite makes it very easy to connect better with your higher self, or overall spiritual side. Lepidolite has a truly unique resonance that aids a Divine connection with the Divine Presence. It stimulates a stronger ability for you to be in harmony with spirit, and is an excellent stone for meditation.

Buy lepidolite raw stone and series polished lepidolite crystals at very competitive price from this online store, and you will have a great online shopping experience with us. If you want to buy lepidolite crystals in bulk, please don't hesitate to contact us directly, and we have more discounts for you.

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