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In Indian mythology, moonstone is formed by frozen moonlight, and it is believed to bring good luck. Moonstone was loved during the Art Nouveau period of the 19th century. Nowadays, people classify it as one of the most amazing gemstones, because of its luster and smooth texture. There is a romantic saying that moonstone is a gem that emits a mysterious luster. A faint halo floats beneath the surface of this gem, like moonlight falling on the water.
Scientifically speaking, the most special difference between moonstone and other gemstones is its unique luster, as if there is a stream of light flowing inside. And this special luster comes from the minerals that make up moonstone-feldspar and orthoclase. Due to the internal layered structure, when light falls on the moonstone, the radiated light is scattered, resulting in a mysterious halo in people's mouths. This halo is also called blue-white luster.

Moonstone comes in a variety of colors, blue, yellow, black, peach, with blue moonstone being the most valuable kind among moonstones. Blue symbolizes calmness, rationality, and accuracy, exuding a quiet atmosphere. The yellow moonstone has a warm and bright mood, which represents wisdom, imagination, creativity, joy, and softness.
As to healing effects, moonstone also has a lot of advantages. First of all, it helps sleep and weight loss. Being a romantic stone, as long as you have moonstone by your side, will help attract the opposite sex. As the name suggests, moonstone has a close relationship with the intuition of the moon. Moonstones can absorb the essence when the full moon has an effect of improving ability and intuition. Besides, moonstone can deeply heal emotions, improve emotional intelligence, and soothe fluctuating inner thoughts.

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