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The raw obsidian is mainly from Africa. All of Yinglai obsidian crystals are real natural stone, you can feel free to buy them with confidence. Obsidian can be divided into several categories: double flow obsidian, rainbow obsidian, black obsidian, pumpkin obsidian, mahogany obsidian, gold sheen obsidian.

Obsidian has the potent energy of the interaction of several raw factors, including fire, earth, and water. It renders its powerful energy. In metaphysical circles, Its energy draws you in softly, but very deeply, which makes the presence of black obsidian powerful in many ways. It is commonly used for protection, healing, and spirituality.

A strongly protective stone, it forms a shield against negativity, builds a solid fortress around your aura. It helps to clear the buildup of psychic smog within your auraprotects and cleanses disharmony, negative attachments, and negative energy from the environment. It stimulates growth on all levels, physical, emotional, and spiritual, helps to dissolve various blockages and ancient traumas, promotes qualities of compassion and strength. As such, black obsidian is used as protection in various body adornments and in many areas of the home.

In addition to protection, black obsidian has been used in various cultures for deep healing purposes. Connected to the root chakra to ground you during contemplation, they're believed to help a person become more grounded, focused, and clear in all practical matters. Also, black obsidian is supposed to reveal mysteries—both about the outer world as well as the inner world of oneself and is believed to help people contact higher realms beyond our physical senses.
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Yinglai Sparta Shape Obsidian Crystal Skull, Art Hand Carved Skull Sale
$100.00 $100.00
Yinglai Obsidian Alien Skull With Labradorite Stone Eye, Natural Crystal Skull For Decoration Sale
$200.00 $200.00
Yinglai 4.8" Obsidian Human Skull With Horn Hand-Carved Crystal Skull, Healing Decoration Sale
$200.00 $200.00
Yinglai 3.9" High Quality Obsidian Elephant Crystal Elephant  Figurine, Crystal Gifts, Decoration Sale
$59.90 $59.90
Yinglai 4.9" Hand-Carved Crystal Bear High Quality Obsidian Bear Crystal Gifts For Him Sale
$59.99 $59.99
Yinglai 4.9" Newly Designed Crystal Bear Obsidian Bear Figurines, Crystal Gifts, Decoration Sale
$59.99 $59.99
Yinglai 3.5" Hand-Carved Black Obsidian Gorilla Orangutan Realistic Crystal Orangutan, Crystal Gifts For Him Sale
$50.00 $50.00
Yinglai 6.3" Hand-Engraving Crystal Skull Obsidian Human Skull With Daughter Of The Sea, Great Sculpture Craft Sale
$350.00 $350.00
Yinglai 3.9" Hand Carved Lifelike Standing Obsidian Dog Obsidian Dachshund For Gift Sale
$39.00 $50.00
Yinglai 2.4" Natural Obsidian Dragon Hand-Carved Crystal Gifts For Him Sale
$49.90 $49.90
Yinglai 3.6" Natural Black Obsidian Elephant Crystal Elephant Figurine, Mascot Decoration And Gifts Sale
$38.90 $45.00
Yinglai 3.1" Lifelike Crystal Animals Obsidian Cat Hand-Carved Sculpture Crafts  Crystal Gifts Sale
$35.00 $35.00
Yinglai 1.7" Hedgehog Obsidian Natural Hedgehog Figurines, Crystal Gifts For Him Sale
$29.90 $29.90
Yinglai 2.4" Carved Hedgehog High Quality Obsidian Hedgehog, Crystal Home Decoration Sale
$44.90 $44.90
Yinglai Natural Obsidian Skull Pendant, Healing Crystal Pendant Sale
$80.00 $80.00
Yinglai Hand-Carved Obsidian Skull Ring, Awesome Gemstone Ring For Crystal Gifts Sale
$99.00 $99.00
Yinglai Gemstone Obsidian Human Skull Sculpture, Detachable Jaw Crystal Skull Sale
$250.00 $250.00
Yinglai Obsidian Heart Shape Skull Ring, Gemstone Healing Crystal Ring Sale
$100.00 $100.00
Yinglai 4.2" Gemstone Winged Golden Sheen Obsidian Crystal Skull, Carved Crystal Skull Sale
$150.00 $150.00
Yinglai Golden Sheen Obsidian Crystal Dragon Skull Ring, Carved Art Ring For Crystal Gifts Sale
$100.00 $100.00
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