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Opalite is a exchange title for man-made opalescent glass and a number opal simulants. Other names for this glass product consist of argenon, sea opal, opal moonstone and different comparable names. It is additionally used to promote impure sorts of variously coloured frequent opal.
Natural Opalite (as hostile to the man made Opalite) shares the identical primary chemical properties as Opal. It is made of tiny spheres of Silicon Dioxide which stack onto each other in a pyramid grid shape. This grid is what approves the cat's eye effect to be displayed when the stone is cut into a excessive domed cabochon. Natural opalite is referred to as " common opal " to stop confusing it with glass opalite.
When opalite glass is placed in opposition to a darkish background, it appears to have a blue color. When placed against a light background, it is milky white with an orange or purple glow. Because it is glass, it may additionally every now and then incorporate air bubbles, an after impact of the forming process.

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