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Phantom Quartz

The raw Phantom Quartz is from Worldwide. All of Yinglai phantom quartz crystals are real natural stone, you can feel free to buy them with confidence. Phantom quartz is called " ghost crystal " or " scenic quartz " as well.
Phantom quartz is a variety of quartz, which forms from a crystal or a mineral deposited within a crystal over the course of a million years. The included crystals are known as phantoms, they can be composed of a wide variety of materials including sand, clay, chlorite, actinolite, and mica or iron materials and can come in gray, red, green, white, and amethyst, which can be quite fantastic, with some resembling various landscape of the earth, mountains, canyons, and valleys.  
Phantom quartz is an effective aura cleanser. It will dispel the negative energy that lingers in your personal auric fields. It lends you and energy of general hopefulness and optimism to your emotional body. It allows you to move into resonance with the Earth's electromagnetic field, allowing your heart and brain to move into a coherent cadence with the planet. Chlorine phantom quartz assists you in receiving healing instruction or information from your spirit guides.

The healing energy of this crystal will give you inspiration, clarity, and strength. It will also provide you support and discernment. Phantom quartz will also work on increasing your spiritual development. Because of the crystal's very slow formation, this crystal has absorbed knowledge and wisdom that can help you put the past into perspective. It will help you connect to the earth and the higher realms on a deeper level better your deeper understanding of the different cycles of life.

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