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The raw prasiolite is mainly from Madagascar, Brazil, Russia Namibia, etc. All of Yinglai prasiolite crystals are real natural stone, you can feel free to buy them with confidence. 
Prasiolite acts as a bridging stone between the frequencies of earth and those of higher realms so that energy passes in either direction into heart and soul of the wearer. Placed on the earth chakra, it draws nurturing energy from the earth into the heart to feed the soul. On the crown chakra, prasiolite draws the highest frequencies of spirit into the higher heart chakra.
Spiritually, this stone is useful for contact with your Higher Self; meditating with it assists embodying that energy and projecting it into everyday life, grounding and manifesting your spiritual purpose. If you have difficulty recognizing the innate divinity of yourself or everyone else, wear Prasiolite over your heart. Prasiolite is useful for upper-world shamanic journeying. Going into a deep connection with All That is, it assists in unwinding ancestral patterns in the south-east of the medicine wheel, meeting the spirits of your ancestors and those of the planet. In ancestral line or past-life healing, Prasiolite rejigs the etheric blueprint for your present life, pinpointing significant karmic connections and the gift to karmic justice in traumatic situations.
Emotionally, this stone protects the spleen chakra from energy depletion, reversing a " put -upon " or martyred disposition for a feeling that you have to give you all to someone or something else, deeply depleting your energy in the process. Prasiolite supports those with a needy disposition to find an inexhaustible energy source and confidence within themselves through their connection to the Earth Mother and Celestial Father, activating a cosmic anchor. This stone assists those who are ready to leave the planet in doing so with dignity and full awareness, having expressed all that they wished to say before they leave.
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