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The raw rhodochrosite is mainly from Argentina, South Africa, Uruguay, ect.. All of Yinglai rhodochrosite crystals are real natural stone, you can feel free to buy them with confidence. 
Like a pink, pink rose, that's newly sprung in June, and like the tender melody that's sweetly played in tune, Rhodochrosite, with its loving temperament, will surely make you fall in deep love with them. It derives its name from the Greek " rhodon rose " and " chrosis color ", which means its rose pink color. Also known as the " Inca Rose ", it is the national stone of Argentina. The native Indians of South America believe that the noble and pure energy of their ancient ancestors, saints, and great minds will be transformed into such gems upon reincarnation.

Rhodochrosite is the quintessential gemstone of love and compassion, its meaning is all about love, stimulating love and passion while energizing the soul. The loving vibrations of this mineral rock can help one rejuvenate emotional and psychic spirit, to make you feel more powerful to sail on life's journey. It also enhances your courage to look at those things that you have been unable to face previously so that you can make changes in your life.

Spiritually, the nurturing rose-red color of this stone provides a link between your heart and your solar plexus, ideal for those times when you want to channel your spiritual awareness to expand your consciousness. It enhances spirituality to help you reach a higher consciousness. encouraging a sense of inner peace to help you to reach a state of sublime happiness, and make contact with the golden light.

Buy rhodochrosite raw stone and series polished rhodochrosite crystals at very competitive price from this online store, and you will have a great online shopping experience with us. If you want to buy rhodochrosite crystals in bulk, please don't hesitate to contact us directly, and we have more discounts for you.

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