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The raw sardonyx is mainly from Brazil, India, Russia, etc. All of Yinglai sardonyx crystals are real natural stone, you can feel free to buy them with confidence. 

Sardonyx is a kind of agate that with ribbons of all sorts of color twine together to form gossamer-like patterns. A member of the agate family, Sardonyx brings all the excellent qualities of agate while retaining some other mental, emotional and metaphysical properties. Its a stone of happiness, protection, and balance.

Sardonyx has a vibration that attracts positive energy which brings lasting happiness and stability to your relationship. It supports discipline, willpower, motivation, and strength of character, and has helpful energy to improve your self-control. Being excellent means attracting people around you which improves your relationship among family, lovers, and partners. Actually, Sardonyx is a stone of happiness that exudes joyful vibrations that help you lift up your spirit and it also helps boost innovation in your career.

Sardonyx has a strong metaphysical advantage. Its energy creates a strong grounding action through the earth star chakra and the base or root chakra. And is well known for its action to assist you to return energetically back to earth after spiritual work. Sardonyx was said to have been used as a talisman in ancient civilizations for protection against evil, as it has a strong level of protection energy that forms a solid shield against negative influences.

Buy sardonyx raw stone and series polished sardonyx crystals at very competitive price from this online store, and you will have a great online shopping experience with us. If you want to buy sardonyx crystals in bulk, please don't hesitate to contact us directly, and we have more discounts for you.

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