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The raw sodalite is mainly from Brazil, Myanmar, Romania, ect.. All of Yinglai sodalite crystals are real natural stone, you can feel free to buy them with confidence. 
A relative of lapis lazuli, Sodalite's blue sedate color, and soothing energy field will be reminiscent of the vast universe, which is a symbol of wisdom. Actually, this stone is sometimes called the " logic Stone ", it activates and stimulates both the third eye chakra and throat chakra, which is closely linked with Intelligence, discernment, perception, and verbalization of truth and feelings.

Sodalite unites logic with discernment and opens spiritual perception that helps individuals find a balance between the spiritual and physical realms. It promotes illumination on multiple levels. Mentally, it has an excellent philosophical nature, encourages rational thought, objectivity, truth, and perception, which at a practical level may help you gain a deep understanding of your circumstance. 

Spiritually, it helps one to embark upon journeys of the soul, helps you to open and develop abilities while at the same time help you to go deeper into the meditative state. Besides, as a Stone of throat chakra,  sodalite can help to express your thought in a clear way.

Emotionally, sodalite radiates a sense of comfort which balances rampant emotions and stimulates the easy release of old mental conditioning and rigid mindsets. Sodalite brings emotional balance and calms panic attacks. It encourages detachment from the concerns and worries of everyday life and lets you make space for living the life you have chosen freely and consciously. 

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Yinglai 6.1" Sodalite Penguin Natural Crystal Penguin Sculpture Crafts, Healing Crystals Decoration Sale
$90.00 $90.00
Yinglai 4.3" Sodalite Hollow Human Skull Spiritual Crystal Skull, Crystal Gifts, Decoration Sale
$64.90 $80.00
Yinglai 5.7" Carved Sodalite Skull Wolf Natural Crystals Skull Wolf Crystal Gifts Sale
$69.00 $129.90
Yinglai 4.3" Meditation Crystal Skull Real Sodalite Human Skull, Healing Decoration Sale
$79.00 $79.00
Yinglai 1.8" High Quality Figurines Sodalite Dog Natural Crystals, Home Decoration, Gift Sale
$14.90 $14.90
Yinglai 2.4" Sodalite Human Heart Model Crystal Heart Carved Crystal Gifts For Her Sale
$30.90 $30.90
Yinglai 3.1" Natural Sodalite Pumpkin Crystal Gifts, Home Decoration Sale
$45.90 $45.90
Yinglai 3.7" Sodalite Raven Skull Hand-Carved Crystal Skull For Decoration, Gift Sale
$34.90 $34.90
Yinglai 2.0" Healing Crystal Moon Natural Sodalite Moon Crafts, Crystal Gifts For Her Or Kids Sale
$14.90 $14.90
Yinglai 2.0" Lovely Sodalite Candy Cane Crystal Candy Cane Crafts, Crystal Gifts For Kids Sale
$12.00 $12.00
Yinglai 2.8" Gemstone Sodalite Crystal Angel, Healing Crystals Decoration, Crystal Gifts For Her And Him Sale
$25.00 $25.00
Yinglai 2.0" Sodalite Human Skull, Crystal Real Human Skull Sculpture Decoration, Crystal Gifts For Wholesale Skulls Sale
$18.00 $18.00
Yinglai 3.0" Polished Sodalite Angel, Natural Crystal Angel Decoration, Crystal Gifts For Her, Meditation Stones Sale
$19.90 $19.90
Yinglai 3.7" Sodalite Double Terminated Point Wand, Natural Crystal Point, Spirit Stones For Meditation, Great Crystal Decoration Sale
$14.90 $14.90
Yinglai 2.8" Sodalite Point,  Reiki Natural Crystal Point, Spirit Stones Decoration Sale
$14.90 $14.90
Yinglai 2.6" Magic Energy Crystal Sphere Blue Sodalite Quartz Spheres, Meditation Crystals Sale
$30.00 $30.00
Yinglai 2.0" Vivid Crystal Dragon Skull Sodalite Dragon Skull Figurines, Meditation Crystal Gifts Sale
$25.00 $25.00
Yinglai 4.5" Natural Sodalite Real Human Skull Fancy Crystal Skull, Reiki Crafts Sale
$109.00 $109.00
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