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Ways To Work With A Crystal Heart

rose quartz heart

Yinglaicrystals offers crystals with many different shapes and sizes, each offering a special benefit or unique energy. One of the most beautiful and powerful shapes is the crystal heart. Even if just looking at a crystal heart can affect your feelings, this shape is far more complicated than what you see.
As the center of your life force, your heart governs a series of emotions and feelings. The most obvious of these is the matter of love, and the heart space dominates joy and vitality. Similarly, the crystal heart represents the energy of the heart space. This shape is ideal for supporting intentions, from love and happiness to vitality and passion. The stone energy used by the crystal heart dominates specific energies and wishes, but all crystal hearts are connected to your heart space.
With all kinds of crystals available, how do you know which crystal heart to use and what intentions to set? The following article is about the six different crystal heart methods we have listed.

Amethyst, as the stone of intuition, aligns your heart with your head in the shape of a heart, which aligns your intuition with the deepest wishes of your heart. When using an amethyst heart to work, place it on your third eye for clarity and access to your higher self.

Rose Quartz
A Rose Quartz heart is one of the most powerful tools to attract love. If you are attracting a new relationship, or injecting more love into your current relationship, your Rose Quartz heart will make you open up and love all kinds of things. If your intention is to summon a new relationship, hold the crystal in your hand and put it on your chest, then lift the stone towards the universe. You are already in a relationship, holding the stone the way you imagine yourself and your partner. Plan your crystal with your deeper will, and then bring your crystal to your heart. Then, put it on your bra or nightstand to keep your intentions going.

Fluorite is the ideal wishing stone. Its rainbow tones and whimsical energy encourage you to pause your sense of reality and dream big. It's a heart-shaped thing, and it gets you into the life you really want. Make a wish with your stone, hold a fluorite heart in your hand, make three wishes, lift up the stone, and give your wish to the universe.

Carnelian is the stone of passion and creativity. When you feel uninspired or lose your passion for life, a Carnelian heart can make your heart beat faster and refresh you. When you need passion and excitement to help you enjoy life, but this crystal on your heart.

Labradorite heart

The glitter of the Labradorite crystal lets you see all the possibilities around you. Working with the heart of Labradorite will drive you away from your innate ways and expand outside of the box. Let yourself go beyond normal routines. Try to do something new. Extend your limits. This is the ideal crystal to help you get out of trouble! When you hold the crystal in your hand, ask yourself, what would I do if I had no restrictions? Write down what you think in your mind and put Labradorite heart on the paper as a reminder of your unlimited potential.

Rainbow Obsidian
The darker energy of a Rainbow Obsidian heart helps you to release the darker energy within your own heart. This is the stone for getting past the facade of “everything's fine.” Your crystal can help you start to acknowledge any heaviness in your heart. What's lingering or holding you back? What pain or sadness do you need to let go of and heal? Lay on your back for 7 minutes with your stone over your heart. Let the crystal start to absorb the darkness so your heart can begin to heal.
The dark energy of the rainbow obsidian heart helps you release the dark energy of your own heart. This is a magic weapon to overcome the illusion that "everything is fine." Your crystal can help you start to realize the burden inside you. What's holding your back or preventing you forward? What pain or sorrow do you need to put down to heal yourself? Lie on your back for 7 minutes and hold your heart down with stones. Let the crystals start to absorb the darkness so your heart can begin to heal.
Crystal is just love from the earth. After billions of years of forging and generous love for us, crystals fight to the surface of the earth to ensure that we can physically connect with them. This fact will change your perspective forever, as you have learned to honor and work with these gifts of the Earth.
Crystals are unique in size, texture, color, and vibration. While quartz may be the perfect ally for some missions, other crystals are particularly well-suited for specific uses, each providing their own place of mastery and wisdom. Follow your intuition to see which crystals have what benefits. You may find that smoky quartz has a soothing effect on the stomach, while lepidolite has a soothing effect. There are many useful guides about crystals and stones available at


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