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How To Use Crystals And Improve Spirit In Your Office

Pyrite Tumbled Stone

When we don't feel passionate about our work, our work isn't the only thing that suffers. It's just as painful to our spirit and self-esteem when a creative block is keeping us from producing work that we're proud of. When you surround yourself with motivating energy that encourages you to take risks and let your creativity flow, you can break through the mental block of self-criticisms that were holding you back. That's why wellness in the workplace has become such a growing topic amongst businesses and entrepreneurs.
I can tell you right now, under the growing pile of crystals for the office on my desk, there's a pile of unfinished business. I have so much I haven't gotten to that I know I need to address, but just haven't felt inspired enough to get into it. I find it hard to dive into work that doesn't speak to me. But sometimes it's not that the work isn't speaking to me, so much as it's my mindset lacking the creative spark. When I have a creative block, my work comes to a screeching halt. But since deadlines wait for no one, I've learned how to breakthrough moments like these with a few easy tricks. That's why I'm using my current conundrum to walk you through my process for breaking through career blocks!
Tips of the spiritual list for tidying up your desks

1. Ask yourself, how does your desk feel to you?
First of all, what do you see when you walk into the office? Do you ignore it because your table is a mess? What about the pile of documents you have been trying to finish? Take a piece of paper and write down what your desk makes you feel Are these properties consistent with your views on your current job? Write it down!

2. Give yourself a fresh start.
Remove everything on the desk and start again. Take some cleaner, a cloth, and wipe your table clean. You are creating a new beginning.

3. Take inventory of every item on your desk and tidy it up.
Finish off the unfinished work. 
As time goes on, everything starts to stay where it was. By taking inventory of every item on your desk, you have to deal with any task you've been avoiding and ask yourself which items don't need to take up your workspace.
Start putting things back on your desk. Do you have anything to throw away? What are some things that are making a mess of your space because you haven’t decided to get rid of them?
Be sure to complete everything on your desk, from upcoming deadlines to unfinished papers. Put a pile of unfinished work on your desk. Schedule a time during the week when you will get all those work done. Depending on how much-unfinished work you have, give yourself enough time to focus on that work so you can free your mind, and get more opportunities.
Crystal to use on your desk
Now that your table is cleaned up, it's time to add crystals! These are two recommended crystals for your desk.
Want to bring more success to your work life? All you have to do is set an intention for this new environment with a pyrite crystal on your table. Say it out loud or in your head, I hope this crystal holds the intention of economic abundance and success. Put your crystal on your business card, on your proposal, or on what you want to end, or on other things that are pending. Allow gold energy to be injected into everything you do. Whenever you see it on your desk, remind yourself that you deserve success and prosperity.
Do you have a lot of technology products in your office? Use Shugnite! It is said that this crystal can absorb and neutralize the excess electromagnetic field in the space. Put a Shungnite under your computer, or grid your table with four cubes. Shungnite is also connected to your root chakras to maintain your foundation and help you use your courage and resourcefulness.
Repeat this process as needed, because your desk is an important space that can stimulate your creativity and motivation. Take advantage of all your office space and turn it into a vibrant work hotspot. Add crystals to your office to inspire and enhance the atmosphere. Use this mentoring advice to create an action plan for yourself so that when you start to feel powerless and overwhelmed in your workspace, you can easily make changes!
So now that you know how to organize your mental checklist on your desk, it's time to start making changes to your own workspace. Try the three simple steps mentioned above, as these small simple changes are a quick way to transfer the energy of space. Just think about how much your work efficiency will increase, once your workspace is cleaned and rearranged, plus the recommended crystal to improve your spiritual energy.


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