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Crystal Gift Guide: Sharing The Gift Of Loving Energy For The Holidays!

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When we meet with our friends and family, they share their energy with us. A mix of compassion, joy, and support-nothing compares to getting positive energy from the people we love. Crystal is the perfect gift to give energy back to them. Small moments like a warm hug or a humorous text message remind us how much we value our relationship. If you do it right, some small, meaningful gifts will have the biggest impact. When you give someone a crystal as a gift, you are telling them what energy you wish to use to bless them. Know someone worth relaxing? Give them a crystal for peace! Want your partner to carry the energy of your love? Give them a crystal for love. Everyone on your gift list is unique. Give them a gift just as special as they are.
What energy will you give to those who you love this year? Here is our crystal gift guide to match every intent of loving energy you wish to share!

Crystal Gift Guide for 2020 with Different Purposes
Crystal for Peace
Do you want your friends and family to enjoy a little peace in their life? The crystals of purification will help them find the peace they all desire at the end of the day. Giving out one of these crystals is the perfect way to help your loved one relax.
Amethyst—Amethyst can help your friends turn their homes into the clarity of exquisite temple structures and relax with these amethyst stones.
Fluorite—Let this Fluorite stone surround your loved one with a bubble of positive vibes.
Ocean Jasper Stone—Ocean jasper brings a tidal wave. Ocean jasper stone guides thought away from stress and into positive soothing waters. 

Malachite points

Crystal for Love
On holidays, don't forget to share the love with your loved ones! Sending your friends and family the love atmosphere with these crystals will make everyone's heart happy. Love is the energy they want to use every day, so these gifts will not be ignored.
Rose Quartz—Rose quartz will help one lucky friend supercharge their home environment with loving vibrations.
Amethyst Crystal—The connection with this type of crystal keeps reminding you that you are surrounded by love. Amethyst can soothe the mind with calm, purified energy. These amethyst stones emit positive energy into your space while increasing the highest vibration in your room.
Malachite Crystal—Give your friend a malachite crystal and let them use the love of energy to change their lives. This is a particularly powerful crystal for men, so if you know someone who can benefit from the energy of love, give him a malachite!

Crystal for Joy
What is it like not having a good life without joy? Encourage your friends to play more and give him these stones as gifts. These happy stones will attract whimsical, adventurous energy, so that those you love can temporarily release their worries and enjoy their life.
Clear Quartz Crystal—Give your favorite playmate a clear quartz crystal! This type of stone brings them to mind with rainbows, unicorns, and everything magical. This stone will be the perfect gift for someone who loves to go on an adventure with you.
Citrine Stone—This Citrine stone will be your loved one's crystal cheerleader, rooting them on when they need a win! The sunny vibes of citrine warm the spirit's confidence and joy.
Crystal Cluster—Inspire your friends and family to live with a positive attitude gifting them a crystal cluster. One of these clusters in the home will make the whole space feel lighter and brighter!

Crystal for Abundance
If you want someone you love to feel like a millionaire, why not buy them a crystal as a gift? The crystals of wealth can enhance self-confidence, motivation and wisdom. Create a lot of opportunities for your friends and family, hurry up and buy a crystal for prosperity to give them!
Crystal Elephants—This harmonious pair of crystal elephants will fill your loved one with the abundance and courage they need to take life by the horns—or, tusks!
Jade—This luxurious jade will bring many benefits to your life. Adding the prosperity of jade into the spirit, this kind of jade will help your loved one to release tension, which will welcome a lot of positive thoughts.
Pyrite—Give a loved one pyrite to invite abundance, prosperity, success and wealth into their life.
Crystal has a history of millions of years and was formed in the earliest stages of the formation of the earth. Many people think of crystals as a database of eternal knowledge and energy, because they retain all the information they have ever been exposed to. The crystal absorbs information and energy and passes it to anyone who comes in contact with it. When there’s a holiday, if you want to choose some crystals for your friends or lovers, especially crystals full of loving energy, hope after reading this article the guidance can help you.

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